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HONEYCOMB: The "honeycomb" material that is the basis of our products was originally developed as a low density-high strength core for structural use, primarily for the aircraft industry. Utilizing its intrinsic characteristics, we have developed a family of effective and versatile glare control devices.

REDUCE GLARE: Honeylite louvers help control brightness from a variety of light sources. Whether you are a lighting designer or a manufacturer, we can help you control glare. From MR11 point sources to studio high output fluorescent fixtures, we have louvers and accessories tailored to the application.

LEADTIMES: Honeylite products are primarily produced on a made-to-order basis. While some popular products are available from stock, leadtimes range from 2-4 weeks and depend on quantities. Products like MR16 louvers and accessories are available typically in 2 weeks, while framed louvers made to a customers specifications have 4 week leadtimes.

CUSTOM: We specialize in custom applications, so if you don't see what you need, contact us. Our skilled craftspeople take pride in producing products with the highest quality of workmanship.