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About Honeylite

The "honeycomb" material that is the basis of our products was originally developed as a low density-high strength core for structural use, primarily for the aircraft industry. Utilizing its intrinsic characteristics, we have developed a family of effective and versatile glare control devices.

Honeylite louvers help control brightness from a variety of light sources. Whether you are a lighting designer or a manufacturer, we can help you control glare. From MR11 point sources to studio high output fluorescent fixtures, we have louvers and accessories tailored to the application.


The degree of cut-off or shielding is determined by the honeycomb cell diameter and depth, as shown in the table and illustration. Specific products will require specific cell and depth dimensions. For example, an MR16 louver uses a 1/8" x .125 louver, which gives a 45 degree cut-off. Consult the factory for special cut-off requirements.

Note that because of the thin material used to make our louvers, all Honeylite louvers offer high "open area". This means you can achieve glare control with very little loss of light. Open area percentage is shown in the table.

Screen Shot 2023-12-08 at 1.27.53 PM.png

TEMPERATURE LIMITATIONS: Honeylite louvers can withstand temperatures up to 350°F, meeting the need of most lamp sources. Operating at higher temperatures for extended periods of time will result in the louver blades separating.

Honeylite louvers and accessories are available in a Milbrite (MLB) clear aluminum finish or black (BLK). Machined parts such as an MR16 Holder have a black anodized finish. All other parts are coated with our proprietary polymer coating. Our polymer coating is chemically grafted to the substrate and heat-treated, which gives it superior abrasion resistance while being able to withstand 350°F with very low VOC's and no "off-gassing".  Some Accessory parts are supplied with a finely textured powder coat. Standard finish is eggshell.

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